See this explosive demo of Dakar Rally altitude!

We took a crisp packet, intense air pressure, put them together and stood back. See what happened.
By Joseph Caron Dawe

Competitors at the Dakar Rally face all kinds of severe challenges.

Extreme weather, dust, temperatures at both ends of the scale, wild animals, exhaustion and plenty more test those taking part in the world's most famous endurance motorsports event.

Another element, and a crushing one at that, is altitude. How about throwing thinning oxygen and high air pressure into the mix?

Well, we went all home science on you and decided to see just how neatly we could demonstrate what increasing altitude can do. With a crisp packet. Yes. 

Starting at 900m, our man slowly climbed to a dizzying 3,567m before part of his packed lunch went bang.

Heading up the mountain, the barometric pressure outside the pack decreased as the pressure inside it increased.

Eventually, something other than our man's ears had to pop, and as the absolute atmospheric pressure hit around 0.7kg per square centimetre, it was the deep-fried potato slices that met an explosive conclusion.

See the full impact in the video above.

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