Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2017

Watch Tom Pagès take his new FMX bike for a spin

See Tom Pagès break down the changes and custom work he has done to his motorcycle.
By Oliver Schran

What is a small or even standard FMX modification here and there for most of the riders, brings Tom Pagès to the next level. While the frame remains aluminium and some components are titanium, the subframe, such as the grab holds at the seat, has been replaced with carbon fibre. On top of that carbon fibre materials replaced the regular ones wherever it was possible.

Even the brake lever and shift lever were lightened, the brake discs and other parts have been drilled with holes to further reduce weight. The bike's forks have been replaced with the latest air forks to save another kilo.

It was Pagès himself who came up with the idea as he considered the problem of how to generate enough power for the radical and unique tricks he performs – and those he'd like to develop. The bike is now around 15 kilograms lighter than the bike Tom was riding before, which was around 100 kilos.

 Enjoy the best tricks from the video as GIFs

It looks like Tom is more than ready to defend his Red Bull X-Fighters title in Madrid 2017 and if you want to be part of that, simply head over to and get yours before it's too late and Las Ventas is sold out.

This year they are also offering special gift boxes – just in case you have no idea how to make a motohead in your family happy, this pack should do it.

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