Anatomy of a Hard Enduro bike

KTM 300 EXC is the machine that Alfredo Gómez hopes will put him on the podium’s top step in 2017.
By Robert Lynn

To race Hard Enduro you need a bike tough enough to withstand the terrain put in its path. Alfredo Gómez’s Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM 300 EXC is a bike built to go the distance and the machine he hopes will put him on the top step of the podium in 2017.


Compared to the standard production 300 EXC model, Alfredo’s engine offers more low to mid power. Doing that compromises the top end but it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to take in a sport like Hard Enduro where tractable power is so important.

Rear suspension

The right suspension set-up is key in Hard Enduro. Alfredo uses the WP factory Traxx set-up on the rear. He likes it much softer than standard. It’s more trials like. To achieve that KTM change the valve and shim settings and run a different spring.

Front suspension

The front end is the WP Cone Valve 48mm fork. But unlike the rear it is much stiffer in comparison. This maintains stability and allows Alfredo to attack rock steps more aggressively.


Traction is everything in Hard Enduro. Without grip you won’t get anywhere. GoldenTyre supply Alfredo with a soft rubber tyre compound front and rear and a drilled rear mousse. For an event like Red Bull Romaniacs he changes tyres and mousses everyday.


The headlight is not for show. When you race at night you need a headlight to see where you're going.

Protective hardwear

Making the bike Hard Enduro proof is essential. A skid plate protects the engine casing becoming damaged by rocks. Guards across the front and rear disc help stop them becoming buckled. Handguards protect the riders hands and fingers.

Pull straps

Pull straps are a simple modification but essential one. Alfredo will use them to lift the bike out of a hole or to get roped up an impossible climb.

Radiator fan

Due to the often slow natured riding, the engine can overheat due to a lack of airflow. A radiator fan is fitted to aid this. There is a switch connected to allow Alfredo to operate it manually.

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