5 times trial bikes challenged the laws of physics

A trial bike exists for two reasons: to scale obstacles and to bend the laws of physics!
Julien Dupont rides his trial bike in the crater of an active volcano
Julien Dupont rides an active volcano © Samo Vidic/Red Bull Content Pool
By Binoy Parikh

Trial biking is an anomaly in the world of motorsports. It’s one of those rare few forms of motorsport where the top speed doesn't matter. However, what does matter is for the rider to transcend mere earthly rules like space, time, gravity and so forth; and to perform otherwise unfathomable tasks on their motorbike.

Check out the videos below for five times when trial bikes defied the laws of physics:

1. When a trial bike climbed up a waterfall

The island nation of Sri Lanka is rich in culture, tradition and natural beauty. Its lush forests and pristine beaches can capture anyone’s imagination. Inspired by all this, Dougie Lampkin flew across to check out the sights and sounds for himself. However, instead of hailing a cab, Lampkin decided to explore the countryside on his own set of wheels.

So what did he do when he got lost in the wilderness and encountered a wall of water? That’s right, he climbed it.

2. When a trial bike jumped the queue on a roller coaster

Everyone loves theme parks. Rides, tasty snacks, crazy headgear and fun for all the family. The only drawback: never-ending queues for rides.

When Julien Dupont was asked to stand in line, he decided to take matters in his own hands. Instead of waiting his turn, he rode the roller coaster on his bike.

3. When a trial bike landed on ‘the moon’

Before he was riding the rails, Dupont decided to explore the lunar landscapes of Sarakinikos on the Greek island of Mylos. Take a look at this video and you'd be forgiven for thinking that this footage was captured by NASA.

4. When a trial bike took on an active volcano

Dupont loves to takes his bike where no one has gone before. In the summer of 2015, he decided to peek into the heart of our planet by burning some rubber inside the crater of an active volcano. Check out the smoking hot video!

5. When a trial bike checked into an ice hotel

While Dupont likes to play with fire, Lampkin is a master at breaking the ice. The 12-time trials champion braved the harsh Finnish winter and booked a vacation at Finland’s Snow Village. The trial bike had to be equipped with specialised studded tyres to find any traction on the slippery ice. In a place where most people would develop cold feet, Lampkin soldiered on and pushed the envelope of trial biking.

Dougie Lampkin
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