Red Bull Romaniacs In Pictures

We revisit the 2013 Red Bull Romaniacs and take a closer look at some of the madness from Sibiu…
By Robert Lynn
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Helping hands
Helping hands On the penultimate day the rain lashed down and drenched everyone unfortunate to get caught in its path. But camaraderie is a massive part of Red Bull Romanics and with everyone pitching in to lend a hand this Hobby Class hill climb was instantly conquered. © Robert Lynn
Romaniacs Paul Bolton
Cheers! Courtesy of fellow Pro rider Altus De Wet, Paul Bolton enjoys a cold one on the finish line after fighting his way to fifth. Gutted not to have made the finish, De Wet bought all his riding buddies a beer for seeing the week through. Top marks, Altus! © Robert Lynn
"The hardest day of riding I’ve ever done"
Romaniacs Ivan Cervantes
"The hardest day of riding I’ve ever done" Four-time Enduro World Champ Ivan Cervantes failed to complete day one – the toughest stage of the race. “At one point I lay down and was completely finished. I was on my bike for ten hours and still had another hour to go. That was the hardest day of riding I’ve ever done – these guys are heroes.” © Robert Lynn
Don't look down
Romaniacs Quarry
Don't look down The Red Bull Romaniacs offered a mini-salute to Erzberg on the fourth and final day. Working their way around a quarry, riders clambered across boulder sections, scaled some quarry banks and traversed the narrow ledges. © Robert Lynn
Smile, camera!
Romaniacs Rene Dietrich
Smile, camera! “So how is your day going?” Stop for a moment and there’s a happy, smiley camera crew ready to make you famous. Rene Dietrich grabs his five minutes of fame while waiting to descend the aptly named 'Free Fall' section. © Robert Lynn
Why take the lift when the stairs will do fine?
Romaniacs Stairwell Sean Clarke
Why take the lift when the stairs will do fine? Riders had to work their way around a disused coal refinery to reach the Red Bull arch on the finish of day two. Alas the lift was out of order so they were forced to scale four flights of stairs to get there – as spectacularly demonstrated by New Zealand’s Sean Clarke who won the Expert Singles. © Robert Lynn
In the wilderness
In the wilderness The Red Bull Romaniacs is not just famous for its impossible-looking Pro sections: the mountain top wilderness is also legendary. Miles upon miles of open, uninterrupted mountain awaits those who follow the Hobby trail. There is no race like this anywhere else in the world. © Robert Lynn
They call her Sheela
Romaniacs Prologue Fatule Simon Jose Luis
They call her Sheela Rule number one of the Red Bull Romaniacs – expect the unexpected. Peruvian Fatule Simon Jose Luis involuntarily gets a face full of Sheela in the middle of the Prologue. © Robert Lynn
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