The most spectacular ways to cross the water

Marc Márquez, Travis Pastrana, Robbie Maddison... They’ve all found novel methods of getting across!
By Joseph Caron Dawe

After Marc Márquez became the latest man to stun a gathered crowd with an unusual way of getting around the problem of crossing a large expanse of water, counts down some of the most impressive ways that athletes have managed to get from one side to the other...

1. Robbie Maddison: Tower Bridge, London, UK

Freestyle motocrosser Maddison wasn't content to just amble across one of London's most famous landmarks like most visitors to England's capital, oh no!

Instead, the Australian decided it'd be more fun to pull a backflip over a 25-foot opening in Tower Bridge in an unprecedented and spectacular nighttime leap, which he landed safely to become the first person ever to have jumped the drawbridge.

Flying over the water clearly got Maddison's creative ideas flowing, as less than a year later he jumped the Corinth Canal in Greece, and for Red Bull's New Year No Limits in 2011 he did a tandem leap with snowmobile freestyler Levi LaVallee across San Diego bay!

2. Marc Márquez: Millennium Bridge, London, UK

Five years after Maddison's Tower Bridge stunt and just 1,500 metres further down the River Thames, MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez pulled off another first.

The young Spaniard rode his 240bhp Repsol Honda machine across the Millennium Bridge – a pedestrianised footpath – to become the first person to take a motorised vehicle on it.

3. Travis Pastrana: Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, US

If it's got wheels and an engine, you can be sure that Travis Pastrana will try to jump it!

The man who's shown his abilities on both two wheels and four decided to push a Subaru Impreza to its limits by flying it off Pine Avenue Pier and landing it on a floating barge in the middle of Rainbow Harbor.

Another successful accomplishment in the remarkable career of the athlete who seems to know no fear.

4. Iván Cervantes: Valdemorillo, Madrid, Spain

So far, all of our entries have involved athletes avoiding any contact with the water below them and trying to make it to the other side completely dry. Here, we have a very different method from Iván Cervantes!

The Spaniard enduro star ventured up into the mountains of Valdemorillo, near Madrid, to try and ride his machine across a 40-metre expanse of water which was 1.5 metres deep. After a few failed attempts and a lot of determination, Cervantes rode the perfect entry and pulled it off. It makes for incredible viewing...

5. Julien Dupont: Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle, UK

On a particularly windy day on the River Tyne, you might not think it'd be the best idea to be scaling a bridge that tilts through 40 degrees while fully raised. Julien Dupont, on the other hand, saw it as a challenge.

The French trial freestyler tackled the impressive structure which arches over the Tyne, overcoming a tricky moment on his way to its peak before stopping to take in the view.

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