Brodinski takes the rap on his new album

The genre-busting French producer talks new albums, inspirations and his bromance with Skrillex.
Brodinski poses for a portrait in the Red Bull Recording Studio
Brodinski © Marv Watson
By Nicole Pajer

After six years of touring Europe, dropping countless singles, and cranking out hit remixes for the likes of Danny Brown, Brodinski has decided it’s time to make his debut album. The French producer recently dropped into Red Bull Studios LA to begin production.

Today, though, he releases a brand-new EP, Bromance#11 feat. Theophilus London, on his own label Bromance Records. We grabbed him in the LA studio for a catch-up.

What’s the concept of the album?
“It’s like mixing styles, which is always a good idea but never usually brings good results, so I’m trying to do it well with what I love about techno and electronic music in general and what I like about rap, R&B and everything from southern USA. It’s going to be a whole mix of music I like. I don’t see any stickers on it saying, ‘Oh that’s EDM or that’s dance or that’s rap.’ It’s just the music that I want to do.”

So you’re listening to a lot of rap?
“Most of the album is going to sound like rap music would sound if techno people were doing it. I still feel like the vibe is getting put together right now and we’re still in phase one. I’m really happy about this session – it’s done a lot to open my mind and see the way I want to do things.”

Brodinski at work in the studio
Brodinski © Marv Watson

There’s a photo of you circulating the web that shows you in the studio rapping. Will we see that on the forthcoming album?
“No way! That was just a joke. But you can hear my voice on the album, but not singing or anything. I think voice is a really good instrument to use for noises and stuff so it always works for that. But I’m never going to record a rap song. Para One posted the picture and then everybody was talking about it. I’m like, ‘Oh man!’”

What’s influencing the album? Anything specifically in the French scene?
“I love the French scene and I love the way they do music and change music over the years – from Daft Punk to Manu le Malin to Justice to Laurent Garnier and all those guys. They all killed it in their own way, especially Daft Punk.

“It’s a lot of pressure but I don’t really want to do anything like them even if I really love them. I don’t consider my music as French – I was just born there. Now, because of the internet and the way we travel and the way we do music, I’m just seeing the album as something I should do after all that travel and all those influences.”

Para One in the Red Bull Recording Studio
Para One © Marv Watson

Skrillex has been championing you – what kind of impact has that had?
“I’ve toured Europe for six years but in the USA it’s true that Skrillex opened a lot of doors. We just opened a branch of Bromance in the US with the whole team working at OWSLA. Skrillex and I don’t come from the same world and he’s curious about what’s going on and the music and stuff. The first time he saw me and Gesaffelstein DJ, he really liked it so we started talking together and doing remixes.”

Was it an instant bromance?
“Yeah, let’s say that – we were definitely bromancing. Sonny is the nicest guy and he has a really good view on music because he’s really objective.”

Bromance#11 feat. Theophilus London is out now.

Brodinski’s Facebook page. Check out Bromance Records’ Facebook, too.

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