AWOLNATION dock in LA to record new album

Aaron Bruno's all-conquering rockers head home to record the follow-up to Megalithic Symphony.
AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno playing guitar.
Guitar hero © Matthias Heschl/Red Bull Content Pool
By Sammy Lee

AWOLNATION fans, rejoice! Frontman Aaron Bruno is about to begin a three-month stint in Red Bull Studio LA working on the follow-up to the band's behemoth debut album, 2011's Megalithic Symphony.

The new record doesn't have a name yet but according to staff at Red Bull Records it's expected to be released sometime in the new year, which will appease any fans worried the band would never get off that tour bus they've called home for much of the year.

It's been a special year for the band, who've seen their smash-hit single Sail go triple platinum and enjoy a marathon 51 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100. They've also contributed songs to the movies (Iron Man 3) and a video game (Injustice: Gods Among Us).

After all that time on the road – including some dates on the Red Bull Brandwagen – Aaron will be ready to uncork a dam's worth of creativity and let his band, primed by months on the road, to cut loose. Stay tuned for more developements in the AWOLNATION.

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