Track premiere: Listen to Yogi’s Christian Bale

Stream Yogi’s remix of their own Christian Bale, now with added rappers such as Casey Veggies.
EDM trio Yogi playing live.
OWSLA-signed Yogi © Yogi
By Aimee Cliff

Production trio Yogi are from London but they’ve just returned from LA, their new spiritual home, where – among other things – they’ve been watching basketball with Dr Dre and partying with Skrillex.

These connections are a result of the transatlantic appeal of their hybrid beats, which take in elements of big-room EDM and major hip-hop sounds. In the words of Yogi, the eponymous member of the group, “We try to take influences from hip hop and find a good medium or a good, natural place where they meet so it doesn’t feel forced. Every beat is different, every beat holds a different emotion.”

It makes sense, then, that they’ve just signed a production contract with Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and are set to release their debut EP on Skrillex’s OWSLA, the label Yogi joined at Red Bull Guest House Miami earlier this year. You can stream a track from it, featuring Casey Veggies and more, exclusively on in the player below.

Yogi is both the name of the (mysterious) producer at the centre of the trio and the name that he and long-time friends and collaborators Blake and I/O work under. While Blake and Yogi have been making beats together for years, I/O, Yogi and the group’s manager Nate all met at university. They’ve been an unstoppable force ever since.

“I bring more of the technical, engineering side,” explains I/O. “Yogi comes up with the weird ideas and we try them out and then bring him back down to reality.”

The three have been in talks with Dre’s Aftermath for around two years, but never saw themselves as recording artists until fairly recently. Says Yogi: “[OWSLA] heard what we were doing through the grapevine. They approached us like: it would be great to do an EP. Before that we weren’t really thinking as artists, we just wanted to produce and go down that lane, but when this opportunity arose it made sense. So we ran with it.”

© Ian Witlen/Red Bull Content Pool

Do they feel successful now they’re chilling, watching Clippers games with Dre and blowing up Webster Hall? “I feel like I’ve robbed a bank half the time,” says Yogi. "Part of it is just reassuring myself to up my game, and to make sure all these guys have got the same mentality as well.”

On July 14, Yogi drops the debut EP (via OWSLA) that the Christian Bale remix above is taken from. They’re also set to unveil a ScHoolboy Q remix and are constantly in and out of the studio working on beats for Dre as well as on new ideas of their own.

Their focus is trying to find territory that hasn’t yet been explored, and at the moment they've got their sights set on the pop world.

“It would sound like some early hip-hop trap stuff, with the soulfulness of Lorde on it. That would be crazy,” Yogi explains. “Or Brandy. [We’d like] to bring something new to the table and evolve what's there. It feels a little bit like R&B is where it’s at and it’s not really moved on as much as it could have, so it would be exciting to do something. Imagine those big synths, like Swedish House Mafia synths, but with R&B progressions?”

For now, though, get down to the trio’s furious single Christian Bale. The reworked instrumental features Odd Future’s Casey Veggies as well as Knytro, Sway, KSI and Raptor. With the addition of these voices it’s a whole new beast, and marks the group’s step up onto the international stage.

As Yogi puts it, “Casey brings the American swag, Sway brings the English swag, and Knytro’s both: he's from LA but lives in London, so he’s a marriage between the two.”

More from Yogi and OWSLA here.

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