A brief (animated) history of music festivals

With Glastonbury on the horizon, let’s cram some essential (and exclusive) music festival knowledge.
By Glen Ferris

It all started at the KFRC Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival in 1967. Packed with the iconic likes of Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beefheart and The Doors, the Summer Of Love shindig became the progenitor for the modern music festival.

The Monterey Pop Festival, the Isle Of Wight Festival, Woodstock and Pinkpop soon followed and the instantly popular combination of uncomfortable camping and getting groovy with like-minded folk ensured that the music festival would forever flourish.

As the iconic Glastonbury Festival kicks off its 44th year of sonic entertainment, mystical mumbo jumbo and cow worrying at Worthy Farm in the English county of Somerset, we're taking a look back at the colourful history of the music festival in our exclusive film.

Check it out in the player above.

More info on Glastonbury right here.

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The history of Music Festivals is told in our exclusive animated film.
Taking Woodstock © Red Bull Media House/Damn Fine Media
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