Listen to Grammy-nominated CFCF’s new album

Stream a new mini-album from Montreal composer and producer Michael Silver before its release.
Electronic musician Michael Silver who took the name CFCF from the call sign of the city's CFCF-TV station.
Montreal's electronic pop wiz CFCF © CFCF
By Chris Parkin

Michael Silver, aka CFCF, has been a busy man. In the past 12 months he's released two albums, The Colours Of Life and Radiance And Submission, scored an art film by Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang and received a 2016 Grammy nomination for his remix of Max Richter's Berlin By Overnight. That's not all, though.

Somehow electronic music producer and composer Silver also found the time to create an album for Balearic label International Feel's mini-album series. That record, On Vacation (out on February 19), isn't something CFCF has dashed off either.

On Vacation is inspired, he says, by "places and spaces, some imaginary, some real," and is a smooth, dreamy trip that's equal parts Balearic sunrise music, Phillip Glass neo-classical and '80s quiet-storm jazz. In short: don't be operating heavy machinery when you listen to this easy-going record.

Stream CFCF's On Vacation album exclusively in the player below.

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CFCF's On Vacation is released on Friday, February 19. Buy it here.

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