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The RBMA graduate and Peaches protégé previews her debut EP Gravity with a special live performance.
The US-born, Berlin-based art-pop singer and Peaches collaborator is back with a new single, Gravity.
Simonne Jones © Simonne Jones
By Chris Parkin

Simonne Jones isn't going to let pop-star ambition get in the way of her science obsession. This LA-bred, Berlin-based art-pop whiz is a former biomedical researcher whose lab work informs her songs. So don't expect typical boy-meets-girl narratives from Jones, but instead songs about the theory of relativity and cosmic unknowns.

Jones, who's explored the jungles of Africa and Brazil and worked in HIV research, has been knocking around the music world for a while now. She graduated from Red Bull Music Academy 2013 before pop's most provocative Peaches took Jones under her wing. "She locked me in her studio and forced me to make noise and scream," said Jones recently about her intense, fast-track tutelage.

The two collaborated on Peaches' Vaginoplasty, and Jones has remixed her mentor's Sick In The Head for the upcoming Rub Remixed album. But now, finally, Jones is releasing a record to call her own: The Gravity EP, released by Vertigo Berlin on May 27.

Peaches returns the favour by remixing first single Gravity, which you can watch Jones performing live at Red Bull Studios Berlin below, but the rest is all Jones, and science takes a leading role. Not just on Gravity but on Spooky Action too, which is inspired by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. Musically the EP is a shape-shifting journey from cloudbusting electro to industrial electronica, via future R&B and avant-garde pop. All meticulously put together by pop's latest alchemist.

Watch Simonne Jones perform Gravity live in the video below.

American Berlin-based art-pop singer and RBMA graduate Simonne Jones in portrait in Berlin
Berlin-based art-pop singer Simonne Jones © Simonne Jones

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Jones' Gravity EP is released on May 27. Pre-order it here. It will also be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon MP3, Google Play

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