Watch Moullinex film Elsewhere: A Dream Journal

Filmmaker Tiago Ribeiro takes us deep inside the curious world of Lisbon musician Moullinex.
By Chris Parkin

Luis Clara Gomes's current album as Moullinex, Elsewhere, seamlessly blends upbeat disco and house with tropical psych pop, indie rock jangle, flute-assisted South American folk music, and more. We've said it before, but it's one of our favourite albums from 2015. Yet the Lisbon musician's world is still a mystery to us. Exactly how does a computer nerd, space expert, DJ, producer, remixer (for the likes of Robyn and Sebastien Tellier), Discotexas label boss, and band leader bring it all together?

Portuguese filmmaker Tiago Ribeiro helps shed some light on this with a new documentary about his compatriot, Elsewhere: A Dream Journal. Cut with footage from Moullinex's 2015 world tour, it delves deep into the Red Bull 20 Before 16 star's world and explores how Gomes's competing loves work in tandem. It's a fascinating look at how important collaboration is for modern-day artists and how they need to juggle more than just songwriting and touring.

Watch the full documentary in the player above.

Delve into the curious world of this multi-talented producer, DJ, and songwriter.
Watch Moullinex film Elsewhere: A Dream Journal © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool

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