Watch the final part of SKIP&DIE’s Roots & Routes

The tropical electronica crew reflect on the past few years and look forward to a new chapter.
By Chris Parkin

After two episodes exploring life on the road and the motivation driving SKIP&DIE to make their distinct brand of tropical electronica, the multi-national party crew present the final instalment of their Roots & Routes series.

Singer and visual artist Cata.Pirata has edited mountains of footage of the band's crazy journey over the past few years into a three-part series that takes in the group's beginnings and the directions they're heading in. The final instalment reflects on the members' relationships with each other and how the band work together on their sunny sound.

"We've been so lucky to be able to travel the world and record wherever we go," says Pirata about the band's adventure over the past few years. "We record everything, from sounds on the streets and intimate conversations to flowing creeks and swaying trees. Landing in a different country and being able to go into a Red Bull Studio is a bit like coming home, too."

Watch episode three of Roots & Routes in the player above. 

Follow tropical electronica crew SKIP&DIE on their global adventure in Roots and Routes.
SKIP&DIE © Laura Andalou

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