Watch patten face the future in an exclusive video

See the London-based, Warp-signed duo perform Blade, Cache and Epsilon live in a single video.
Patten perform Blade, Cache and Epsilon live for
Patten perform exclusively for © Greg Barnes/
By Glen Ferris

Signed to Warp, home of Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Flying Lotus, Squarepusher and plenty more boundary-blasting types besides, London-based duo patten have an astonishing legacy of future-facing artistic experimentation to live up to.

Going by a love for lowercase lettering, a taste for esoteric album titles (2011’s GLAQJO XAACSSO, 2014’s ESTOILE NAIANT and this year’s Ψ) and an insistence by the duo on being known only by the mysterious initials D and A, they’ve got the artistic experimentation side of things covered.

Soundwise, they’re in a constant state of flux. Their most recent output was born out of live performance with tracks road-tested at gigs, and samples and layers added as they went along.

D said in a recent interview with The Fader: "There were atmospheres, palettes and textures we were interested in looking at and distilling on Ψ – like the grinding city sounds of industrial music, the bass weight of UK dance's hardcore continuum, the emotive drive of '80s goth, the techy weirdness of current pop music like Rihanna, the sonics of modern club like grime, footwork and techno. We wrote in a very open way, allowing these elements to naturally interact in what we were doing."

With this focus on live performance and constantly evolving sound, patten's shows are never less than exhilarating. So strap yourselves in for an exclusive performance video directed by Greg Barnes and produced by COMPULSORY at patten's London studio.

Watch patten perform Blade (00:00), Cache (03:59) and Epsilon (05:57) in the player below. Warning, video contains strobing effects.

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