Tennyson team up with Mr. Carmack on three tracks

The new singles project kicks off the Canadian brother-sister duo’s February tour.
Tennyson Band Mr Carmack BJ Chicago Kid
Tennyson © Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Content Pool
By Bailey Pennick

Is there anything better than waking up to see that a new track from a band that you like dropped? Probably not. Now, what if that fresh feeling could stay with you for days?

Before you try and run me out on a rail for practicing witchcraft, let me explain: For three days in a row this week, Tennyson are releasing three fresh tracks that were produced by LA’s production wizard Mr. Carmack (Mad Decent). In addition to the overflowing cornucopia of musical riches that these tracks bring — lush soundscapes, textured beats, thoughtfully timed rhythm switch-ups — each track is perfectly named for their day of release.

Check out all three tracks below.


Tuesday is a track that challenges you to find the harmonies and melody hidden inside the multifaceted digital glitches and synth lines.


Another day, another brand-new Tennyson track! Wednesday slows things down a bit, resulting in a sultry groove that’s pretty addictive. With key lines reminiscent of old-school video game soundtracks and an ethereal vibe, hump day will never be the same.


Unlike the previous two tracks released this week, Thursday finds Tennyson getting down to business with BJ the Chicago Kid. With a slow start that builds into a full on ’90s jam, Thursday is as seductive as it is empowering.

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