Take a ride on the world’s first techno synth bike

Join Sam Battle, aka LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, as he explains how he created a soundsystem on wheels.
© Dinita Moore/RedBull.com
By Glen Ferris

What Doc Brown did for time travel and Victor Frankenstein did for reanimation, Sam Battle is doing for the noble art of insane instrumentation.

The musician / inventor / mad genius also known as LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER has made a name for himself dabbling with DIY projects such as the Gameboy Triple Oscillator and the Dartboard Synth but it's with his Synth Bike 2.0 that he's truly surpassed himself. 

His self-described 'silly project' is a masterpiece of pointless creativity but we're sure you'll agree the world is a better place for it. 

Join LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER as he takes us on a tour of his Synth Bike 2.0 in the player above.

Sam Battle, aka LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, demonstrates his Techno Bike 2.0
LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER shows us his Techno Bike 2.0 © Dinita Moore/RedBull.com

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