5 things you should know about Gorillaz

2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs are in revealing mood ahead of Demon Dayz Festival.
Gorillaz are back with new album Humanz
Gorillaz are back with new album Humanz © Press
By Chris Parkin and Florian Obkircher

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are taking their virtual band of animated heroes and miscreants, Gorillaz, to the seaside. 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs are currently packing their buckets, spades and music gear ahead of a trip to Margate, on the south coast of England, where they're hosting their one-day Demon Dayz Festival to celebrate the release of their fifth LP.

Gorillaz will be performing their new album, Humanz, which features a gobsmacking list of guests including Grace Jones, De La Soul and Danny Brown. Joining them at the Dreamland amusement park on June 10 is an impressive supporting cast curated by Albarn and Hewlett. Tickets sold out ages ago, of course, but you can watch the whole thing live on Red Bull TV.

Before their big day by the sea, here are five things we should all know about Gorillaz's most important members.

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2D isn't very rock n roll

"That's more Murdoc's department. I get a bit tired of the rock star stuff. Someone once threw their knickers at me on stage. They were dirty so I took them home and put them on a 60-degree wash. I gave them back to her at the next gig. Then she started bringing her laundry to me at every gig. It got quite time-consuming. Especially the woollens."

He also has some sage advice for budding pop stars

"Being a pop star is cool sometimes, but not cool at other times, like when people take photos of you going to the toilet. So I'd say don’t get into it for fame, do it 'cos you enjoy it. My favourite job was running the dodgems at Eastbourne funfair. I would go back in a second, but Murdoc threatened to take me down gladiator-style if I ever leave Gorillaz. He has a whip and trident, and a leather loincloth, so I know he's serious."

Gorillaz' Demon Dayz festival is coming to Red Bull TV.
Demon Dayz festival is coming to Red Bull TV © Press

Russel, meanwhile, wants to start a global revolution

"What's the point in getting rid of money just to swap it for a new currency? It's still power in some other form, and power is what's distributed unfairly. Forget currency, what we need is a global revolution – complete constitutional demolition, then start over with a rigorously egalitarian system."

2D is looking forward to three things at Demon Dayz

"Candyfloss, dodgems, and the smell of soggy chips. The three greatest things in the world. Unfortunately, the manager says I have to work that day."

But you won't catch Russel on the ghost ride

"Tell me about it. Ghosts really get under my skin. Literally. It's kind of an affliction, harbouring the souls of dead rappers. Like having indigestion that rhymes. Personally, I don't have time for theme park rides. I'm too busy just clinging on to this out-of-control roller-coaster we all ride, operated by The Man."

Red Bull TV will be livestreaming Demon Dayz festival on June 10.

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