Gard Hvaara

Norway's skateboarding prodigy

Gard Hvaara - Frontflip
© Maxim Habanec

Hi, my name is Gard Hvaara. My discipline is street skating. My friends call me Gard. I was born on 19 February 1997 in Langestrand, Larvik, Norway. My special talent is drawing.


Gard Jenssen Hvaara was born on February 19, 1997 in Larvik, Norway, and had discovered a passion for skateboarding before he’d even reached double figures. By just nine years old, Gard had already pulled together his own bag of tricks, and in 2006 demonstrated his prodigious talent when he entered his first competition.

From this point on he was unstoppable, fast-tracking his way to the top and earning himself a reputation as one of Norway’s top three junior masters in skateboarding.

Gard says that he draws his inspiration from the likes of Chris Haslam, David Gravette, Luan De Oliveira and Jamie Tancowny. He cites the new skatepark in his hometown of Larvik, as well as the sheer number of sweet street spots in Barcelona, as some of his favourite places to shred and grind.

Creativity is a skill that runs through Gard’s veins, so when he’s not tearing up the skate parks and streets of Europe, or studying, he can be found creating drawings and playing on his beloved Mac.

In early 2016, Gard challenged the elements to get his skate on in the depths of a Norwegian winter for the frozen concept piece Winter Lines, which saw him hit up Oslo's iconic Vigeland sculpture park for a memorable sub- zero session!

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Career Highlights

  1. 2015
    1. 8th Place: Simple Session

      Tallinn, Estonia

  2. 2014
    1. 3rd Place: Damn Am Cascais

      Cascais, Portugal

  3. 2013
    1. 5th Place: Volcom Stone’s Wild in the Park Championship

      California, USA

    2. 6th Place: AmsterDamn Am

      Amsterdam, Netherlands

    3. 4th Place: Simple Session

      Tallinn, Estonia

  4. 2012
    1. 5th Place: AmsterDamn Am – Semi-Finals

      Amsterdam, Netherlands

  5. 2010
    1. European Junior Champion

      The youngest ever European Junior Champion

    2. 3rd Place: European Championship - Under 17

      Basel, Switzerland