Philipp Schuster

Inspiration is everywhere!

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Hi, my name is Philipp Schuster. My discipline is skateboard street. I was born on 26 September 1984 in Vienna, Austria. My special talent is photography. My philosophy of life is understand yourself and know when the time is right. My favourite food is Viennese.


Philipp Schuster is one of the most recognised and, recognisable skaters currently on the scene; recognised for his sick skills, and once recognisable thanks to a mop of long blond hair. Hailing from Austria, Phil’s favourite domain is street style – but the skater from Vienna can also pull massive air on a ramp. But that’s not where his talents end; is second great passion is photography, a skill that has earned him much acclaim.

But let us digress, and rewind back to 2006 – by this time Phil had acquired several titles and honours such as ‘Skateboarding Rookie of the Year’, European Cup overall champion, European Champion, as well as several more podiums. His earnest but fun performances at the likes of the Etnies European Open, X Games and the Mystique Cup had him credited with the status of a top international potential.

By 2008, he had brought together his two passions to create “Trottoir”, an independent web magazine for skaters. He describes himself as “completely addicted to photography” and finds inspiration everywhere he looks. As editor and publisher of Trottoir, Phil is not only a protagonist, but also a precise observer of the Viennese street scene.

In 2012, he tapped into his creative juices when he teamed up with Red Bull DIY Supply to renovate a derelict hunting lodge into a top skate spot in Salzburg.

Then, in 2013, he teamed up with a group of skaters in Vienna for a project called A Skateboarder's Romance. The project involved invested 2,500 working hours and 30 tons worth of material into putting together a treacherous underground DIY-bowl in a cellar vault. Four months later, there was a new hot spot in town...

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Career Highlights

  1. 2013
    1. Exhibition: Philipp Schuster – A Skateboarder's Romance

      Fotomuseum WestLicht, Vienna

  2. 2009
    1. 1st Place: European Championship - Best Trick

      Basel, Switzerland

  3. 2008
    1. Video part: 5.1 Fahrvergnügen

  4. 2007
    1. 1st Place: Europoean Championships - Street

      Basel, Switzerland

    2. Trottoir Magazine

      Philipp created his own skate magazine, Trottoir, in order to convey the local Austrian skate scene

  5. 2006
    1. Overall winner European Cup

    2. Rookie of the Year


    3. 1st Place: European Open - Skateboarder of the year

      Rome, Italy