Jae Seung 'Jason' Choi

If you’re doing what you love, you can make things happen

Hardflip revert into bank by Jason Choi
© Florian Hopfensperger

Hi, my name is Jae Seung 'Jason' Choi. My discipline is street skating. I was born on 18 March 1992 in Seoul, Korea.


Jae Seung 'Jason' Choi describes himself as “just a regular kid who fell in love with skating” – yet this kid has already made history, simply by doing what he loves.

In 2012, at Bomb the Line in Germany, Jason became the first-ever Korean skateboarder to qualify for an international event. He’s now the unofficial standard bearer for skating in Korea, and is just amped to support skating on home turf.

Growing up in the States, Jason was exposed to a vibrant skate scene from a young age: “ I wish I didn’t waste so much time on other things… instead of focusing on what I love doing, which is skating.” he recalls.

Luckily, sponsorship followed him as he moved from the States back to the South Korea. By 2011, Jason was taking part in the Volcom Korea Tour, and a sweeping win on the Red Bull Local Hero tour gave him his biggest opportunity to date. In December 2012, Jason signed with Red Bull Korea - now, when he’s not competing or tuning up some new tricks, he’s out inspiring more kids to get into their local skate scene.

2015 saw him star in an amazing three part video series documenting a tour around the Korean peninsula alongside rippers Yoshi Tanenbaum and Alex Mizurov.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. Participant: Red Bull Top of the Class

  2. 2013
    1. Host: Red Bull Joy Tour

      Jason and friends embarked on a two-week street skateboard project in South Korea, in Seoul and Busan

      Seoul, South Korea

  3. 2012
    1. Qualified: Red Bull Bomb the Line

      First ever Korean Skateboarder to qualify at an international pro event

      Berlin, Germany

    2. 1st Place: Red Bull Local Hero Tour Ledge Winner

      Jason unofficially won all the contests, but just took ‘Best Ledge Trick’ to share the wealth

      Seoul, South Korea

  4. 2009
    1. Released "Canadian Embassy" clips on YouTube

      The clip has received in excess of 300,000 views to date

      Washington DC, USA

  5. 2008
    1. 1st Place: Battle of the Pyramid - Best Trick Contest

      Arlington, Virginia, USA