Vladik Scholz

Keep moving!

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Hi, my name is Vladik Scholz. My discipline is skateboard. I was born on 13 August 1988 . The most important person in my life is my family and all the people I love. My favourite food is tasty salad, tasty vegetable soup or a tasty meat meal. My favourite music is all music with good flow.


It didn’t take long for Vladik Scholz to make a name for himself inside and outside of his hometown of Bielefeld in the westernmost part of Germany.

Sponsored at a young age, the charismatic cub with the Belarussian roots found his way onto magazine pages in Germany early on in his journey.

His photogenic style and sussed trick choices have made him one of Germany’s most sought-after talents in no time, and having logged interviews in all the domestic magazines, several covers, a grip of international trips and a full-blown video-part for Red Bull skateboarding in 2013, it was time to welcome Mr Vladik Scholz to the Red Bull fold.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2015
    1. Film: Checkmates

      With Denny Pham and Jost Arens

  2. 2013
    1. 2nd Place: Team Kap Contest (team.itus)

      Cologne, Germany

    2. 1st Place: Bielefeld Team Contest (team.itus)

      Bielefeld, Germany

    3. 3rd Place: COS Cup Bremen

      Bremen, Germany