Alex Midler

The next star of Street League.

Alex Midler in action on a green rail at the 2015 X Games in Austin
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Hi, my name is Alex Midler. My discipline is skateboarding street. I was born on 14 July 1998 in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. My special talent is I’ve been snowboarding since I was five and I’ve been surfing since I was 13. My philosophy of life is to have fun and don’t take life too seriously. Do what makes you happy. The most important person in my life is my Mum and Dad and my brother, Todd. My favourite food is ribs or steak. My favourite music is rap.


Skateboarding phenom Alex Midler has taken the street skating scene by storm, breaking in as a young teenager and proving he can hang with the best.

Alex Midler was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, the second son to Shari and Larry Midler. Alex looked up to his brother, Todd, three years his senior, from the very beginning.

When a neighbour bought Todd a skateboard as a gift, Alex was immediately jealous. He first rode his brother's skateboard when he was just three-years-old. "My brother told me not to touch the skateboard because it was his," Alex recalls "-but of course, I wanted to steal whatever he had."

When Alex was six, his dad, a lawyer, got a new job as General Counsel at a company in the Los Angeles area, so the family uprooted from the East Coast and made the move across the country to southern California.

As a kid Alex played all types of traditional sports: baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, lacrosse, swimming. He was a skilled athlete from a young age, but he never forgot about his longing for his brother's skateboard.

When he arrived in California, Alex got his ownboard at last. Both Todd and he started going to skate camps, getting lessons and teaching themselves how to do tricks. Eventually, all Alex could think about was when he’d be going skating next.

"In skateboarding, you could just do it whenever and wherever," Alex says. "There wasn't a set practice, there wasn't a team that you had to cooperate with. You could just learn your tricks and get better on your own time."

At age eight, Alex discovered Skatelab, an indoor skate park in nearby Simi Valley, where he'd spend as much time as possible. He also built plastic skate ramps in his family's driveway and soon the Midler family had installed a full miniramp in the backyard.

While Alex was getting ready to leave skate camp at Woodward West, he found out there was going to be a California Amateur Skateboard League contest the following day. He asked his Mum if he could stay an extra day and compete. She said yes.  "I tried one really hard trick the whole time and I fell the entire time trying to land it," Alex remembers of that day.

Alex went on to compete in more CASL contests around California nd eventually started winning them. By age eight, he picked up his first sponsor, Val Surf, his local skate shop. By nine, he was on the team at Skatelab, and bigger sponsors, including Etnies, Volcom, and Real Skateboards soon followed. 

After doing well at a couple of contests, Alex qualified for his first Tampa Am in 2011 where he made the semi's; the following year he got fourth at AmsterDamn Am.

In 2013 Alex won a qualifier contest at Woodward West that gave him a chance to compete in the Woodward Street League Showdown Championships, an amateur street contest alongside the pro-level Street League Championships in Newark, New Jersey. Alex won in Newark, setting himself up to be the next star of Street League when his time comes.

By 2015, he got his first invite to compete at his first X Games in the amateur street skating contest in Austin, Texas, where he walked away with the silver medal. "Just being there was really cool," Alex says. "I was happy to do well and now I've just got to keep doing better."

When he's not skateboarding or attending high school, Alex loves to surf and snowboard from his home base in Calabasas, California. "I love everything on a board pretty much," he says.

He's also heavily involved in charity work. In 2011, Alex organised a charity event called the Roll-a-thon for the non-profit, Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation, which was set up in honor of Johnny Romano, a young skater who died of leukemia. Alex didn't know Johnny personally, but he's since met Johnny's parents and the two boys would be around the same age now, had Johnny survived. His event has raised $40,000 for the foundation.

Alex has continued to organize the Roll-a-thon event every year. He's also involved in an organisation called Bridge to Skate that helps empower inner city kids from Los Angeles through skateboarding.

"I realise how lucky I am to be able to be healthy, to be able to skate, and to have a great Mum and Dad and good friends," Alex says"That's why it is so important for me to give back to worthy causes that help people less fortunate than I am."

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Career Highlights

  1. 2016
    1. 2nd Place: Tampa Am

      Florida, USA

  2. 2016
    1. 1st Place: 2016 Damn Am

      Costa Mesa, USA

  3. 2015
    1. 2nd Place: X Games Skateboard Street AM

      Austin, USA

  4. 2014
    1. Participant: Tampa Am

      Tampa, Florida, USA

  5. 2013
    1. 7th Place: Damn Am

      Los Angeles, USA

    2. 1st Place: Street League AM

      New Jersey, USA

  6. 2011
    1. First Annual Roll-a-Thon

      Hosted by Alex for Johnny Kicks Cancer