Zion Wright

The phenom set to take street skating by storm

Zion Wright executes a front blunt in Quebec City, Canada on 4 May, 2016
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Hi, my name is Zion Wright. My discipline is skateboarding. I was born on 3 February 1999 in Palm Beach County, Florida. My special talent is surfing. My philosophy of life is Go get it and always be ready to go. Get fired up and have a smile on your face.. The most important person in my life is for sure my family. And all my friends. My favourite food is sushi. My favourite music is rap.


If you haven't heard of Zion Wright yet, you will soon. This Florida native and rising street skateboarding phenom is primed to take the skate world by storm with his defined style and charismatic charm.

Zion Wright was born in Palm Beach County, Florida, and raised in the town of Jupiter, just five minutes from the beach. When his older brother got a skateboard for Christmas, Wright immediately wanted one for himself. The next year, when he was four-years-old, he got his wish and soon started riding his neighborhood skate park.

"The older kids would give me pointers,” Wright says. "I fed off everyone and took it from there." By eight, he'd learned enough tricks to enter a local contest. He may not have placed, but within a year or two, he was winning contests.

Wright credits his father especially with making sacrifices to help his son advance. At one point, he had to quit his job delivering newspapers so he could drive Wright to an important skate contest. "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be where I am today," he says of his dad.

Wright started filming with friends at a young age and by his teenage years, he was already working with talented videographers and traveling all over the United States and beyond for film parts. "It's been crazy," Wright says. "You'd never think skateboarding could take you so far. But I'm just having fun and it keeps taking me to new places."

By age 16, he realised he could only go so far from his home base in Florida. So he packed his things and made the cross-country move alone to Long Beach, California, to live with friends and be closer to the heart of the skateboard industry.

"I wasn't afraid or willing to let anything hold me back," he says of the move. "I'm out here now and I've got to make things happen."

The move did him wonders. In 2016, aged 17, Wright took second at Boardr Am and won PHXAM in Phoenix, a victory that surprised even himself. "I was just going to go and skate and see how it went," he said. "It ended up going really well and after that, my skating started to speak for itself."

Now, Wright is focused on taking his skating to the next level. "I'm constantly trying to learn new tricks," he says. "The challenge of it is fun for me. You're going through your ups and downs until you get it or the trick breaks you. But that's what I like about trying something new."


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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. 2nd Place: Damn Am NYC

      New York City, USA

  2. 2016
    1. 1st Place: PHXAM presented by Vans

      Phoenix, USA

    2. 2nd Place: Boardr Am

      Vista, USA

  3. 2015
    1. 1st Place: Harvest Jam Sponsored Finals

      Tampa, USA

    2. 5th Place: Damn Am Select Series New York City Finals

      New York City, USA

    3. 6th Place: Damn Am Costa Mesa Finals

      Costa Mesa, USA

  4. 2014
    1. 1st Place: Harvest Jam Sponsored Finals

      Tampa, USA

    2. 1st Place: Back to School Bash Sponsored Finals