Watch Farris Rahman skating in Singapore

The young skater has to use his imagination to uncover new skating spots in his tiny home nation.
By Chris Parkin

As insane as it sounds for the more uncoordinated among us, 18-year-old Singapore skater Farris Rahman has been surfing the sidewalks of his little corner of the world since he was just four years old.

Now, with so much experience under his belt already, he's joining the Red Bull stable alongside Ryan Sheckler and Sandro Dias. So it's high time we got acquainted with our rising star.

In this introductory film, young Farris talks about skating in a country in which seven million people vie for limited space – before busting out some mind-boggling moves honed by years of skating with a vivid imagination.

He also regales us with stories from his steady rise to stardom, such as meeting Bob Burnquist, before talking us through his glory run at the X-Games and revealing how he keeps his edge in a country that's not exactly famed for producing skating superstars.

Farris Rahman in Singapore
Farris Rahman performs an Indy Nosebone © Mark Teo/Red Bull Content Pool
Farris Rahman
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