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The skater that knew how to speak.
By Gaston Francisco

Paris is one of the strongest up- and- coming names in Argentina. His name, good ways, style and his radio show give his character a whole extra dimension. Representative of the new generation of skaters from Buenos Aires, we met up with him to find out a few more things about his life.

Hello Paris. Let`s start at the beginning. Why is your name Paris? Is there a story behind that?
Hi, I`m Paris and I`m 23 years old. The story of my strange name is because when my Mum was pregnant, my father was reading the story of the Trojan horse in which one of the characters is called Paris. One afternoon he took a nap and had a crazy dream about about Troy, and he woke up and proposed my name.
My Mum thought he was crazy but liked the name- when they went to do my documents the people at the Registration Centre did not want to do it because the name was too weird, but in the end they end up accepting it.

Have you ever been to Paris?
I never had the chance yet but I hope I will someday, I really like Parisian culture.

I know you host of a radio show about skateboarding. Could you tell us a bit more about it?
I have a radio show on Jam Sk8 Radio ( ). It’s an online radio done by and for skaters. The station is on 24hours a day with music, salutes from internationally- known skaters, articles, and so on. My show 7:00pm (GMT) is called “No te duermas en los Laurentis”–“Don`t sleep on the Laurentis”. It lasts two hours in which we interview a guest that might be a skater, photographer, filmer, etc. Being online we get feedback from the listener instantly via Facebook, Twitter, mails and Instagram and we use this to generate questions for the guest. To tell you the truth, I never thought about doing radio but I like doing the show so there will be “No te duermas…” for some time!

Paris Laurenti Backside Flip
Paris Laurenti, Backside Flip © Diego Bucchieri

You have been travelling a lot lately but this seems not to have been the case for the most of your life. When was the first time you got on a plane?
Even though I had done many trips inside the country with long- distance buses and even boats, I had never travelled by plane. The first time I got on a plane was last year to go to beautiful Barcelona in a Nike Sb tour. I had a lot of anxieties regarding the flight and the plane but thankfully everything went quite normal, a little turbulence but nothing serious.

Where have you been travelling lately that blew your mind?
In December I went to Tampa Am, it was an incredible experience, all thanks to Nike Sb. We went with Diego Bucchieri (Nike Sb Argentina Team Manager) and a filmer. We spent 5 days in Tampa for the contest. I ended up 36th of 300 of the best skaters worldwide and I got to meet many people and great rippers. After that we went to LA for a week where we filmed and shot some tricks and skated the Nike park Sixth and Mill. It was one of the most incredible trips I`ve ever done!

How do you see Skateboarding in Argentina and Latin America at the moment?
In constant progress, like everywhere else. Today with the technology we have available, internet and the videos coming out every day, everybody is very motivated. People like David Gonzalez or Luan De Olivera make you believe that it is possible to make it, even in Argentina we have Milton Martínez who little by little is making it, competing on the Dew Tour, skating in San Francisco with the Thrasher crew.
In Argentina there are a lot of foreign brands now that are doing things the way they have to be done, with salaries that are good, trips overseas and investing in people of all ages. Besides that they are also hiring people that are in this scene from day one and you can tell the difference between talking to a random marketing guy or talking to The Butcher in my case. Good job Latin America!

Paris would like to thank: "My family that always support everything I do, my friends, the kids that are always nice, and my sponsors- Tree Skateshop, Flip Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Orbital Glasses, Jamsk8radio and Nike Sb".

Paris Laurenti portrait.
Paris Laurenti © Diego Bucchieri
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