TJ Rogers Interview

TJ Rogers started from the bottom now he’s here at the top of his game.
© Rich Odam
By Sam McGuire

You recently put out a part in “Damn,” Blind’s 6th video in a pretty iconic line up of videos, how does that feel?
I am really happy how my part turned out, Mike Manzoori did a really great job with the whole video. I am just so glad that I am apart of such a big company and they are backin me 110%, it just feels great to have sponsors that are like that.

What was the best part about filming for “Damn?”
Travelling! North Carolina, Atlanta, California, Quebec City, etc.. It was a blast because every trip was with a big group of homies and we always had a great time!

Do you know where the name, “Damn,” came from?
I think when Mike Manzoori and Bill Weiss were going over footage they were always saying "damn." That could of been the reason but I'm not too sure exactly.

TJ Rogers Switch Frontside Flip © Rich Odam

You’re originally from Whitby, Ontario. Can you describe where that is and what it’s like to those who aren’t familiar?
Whitby Ontario is just a small town of 120,000 people, 25 minutes east of Toronto Ontario and the town has spots everywhere!

From what I’ve read you had quite a tumultuous childhood, how does it feel to look back and see how far you’ve come along since the days in Whitby?
I Definetly started at the bottom of the food chain but Im very happy with what I’ve done. Everyone always helped me when I needed it and I worked hard for what I've done, I'm just thankful that I'm still here and doing what I love everyday.

Now adays you're living in California?
I'm actually still in the process of moving to California, I applied for my sports visa for 5 years, I'm just waiting to get that back and ill be getting a place ASAP.

TJ Rogers Backside Smith Grind © Rich Odam

The Switch Frontside 360 at Hollywood high was insane, how did that all go down?
That one was a little bit crazier! I was talking with Bill Weiss about wanting to try this trick down Hollywood for my ender and he suggested we should hit it up right when I got off the plane. I was so amped that I was fully down to go try it and so we get there and I tried it about 7 times and the 7th try I landed on it broke my board in the middle and my tail and hit my head very hard. I Ended up going to the hospital, got 3 staples in the head, and after 3 days of recovery I went back and did it. A moment in my career I am very stoked on!

What plans do you have for the summer now that “damn,” has finished up?
I'm staying very positive with my skating and just keeping up like I have a deadline for something, I'd like to try to get a interview in states mags this year along with another part if someone offers me a spot! I'm always hungry and willing to go that extra mile!

TJ Rogers © Rich Odam
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