Red Bull Bomb the Line 2013 – The Highlights

6000 visitors turned the 2nd edition of the event into a big party. The winner: Alec Majerus.
By Eric Mirbach

All hail to the king – infamous Berlin mainspot "Baustelle" has a new regent. With a firing line, new Flip amateur Alec Majerus won the contest which took place in the German capital last week.

Over 6000 spectators witnessed Majerus take first place, followed up by rippers Manny Santiago on 2nd and Youness Amrani on 3rd place, after a five-hour-event packed with top-notch skateboarding. 50 of the best skaters from all around the globe had come out to Kulturforum ("Baustelle" being just a nickname of sorts) to battle for the best line possible on a combination of doubleset, street-gap obstacle and a stairset with a solid handrail.

Axel Cruysberghs, Frontside Flip
Axel Cruysberghs, Frontside Flip © Daniel Wagner

But finally, Alec settled the score with a solid nosebluntslide on the hubba next to the doubleset, hardflip over the kicker-gap and – just like that – nollie frontside feeble grind down the eight-stair-rail.

The second edition of Red Bull Bomb the Line at Kulturforum Berlin was aimed to take things even further than last years premiere – more skaters, even harder lines and a session to remember. Mission accomplished.

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