Mystic Cup 2013

Eastern Exposure.
By Niall Neeson

The Mystic Cup at the Mystic skatepark on Stvanice Island, in the Czech capital Prague, is one of the greatest events in skateboarding- and has been for nearly 20 years now.

This is something worth celebrating.

Rodrigo Leal, hardflip backlip.
Rodrigo Leal, hardflip backlip. © David Chvatal

In 1996 I climbed under the fence to witness Tom Penny, Donny Barley and Chris Senn tear up the beat- up old course. A lot has changed since then. Now the talent is mostly homegrown, but the atmosphere and organization continue to build, even after terrible flood damage in the past.

Champions © David Chvatal

Even if you don’t like contests normally, this place is really something else. Just watch this David Chvatal summary and I’ll meet you there next year for the big 20!

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