Dylan Hughes Interview

Run silent, run deep.
By Niall Neeson

Step forward our candidate for Britain’s most slept- on skateboarder. Wales’ Dylan Hughes has been quietly blowing minds on these shores, most recently on DC’s Designer Concrete tour. With this exclusive edit we hope his recent killing spree proves to be a launch pad for what deserves to be a stellar career for this 23- year- old, solid- gold human.

Dylan Hughes portrait
Dylan Hughes © Mike Ridout

Hello Dylan, good to hear from you- what’s up?
I’m sweet- chilling.

Are you rampaging around Cardiff?
Yeah, I’ve been living up here for a year now because my girlfriend is doing a PhD. It’s a lot better than Bridgend because there are more people out skating and getting stuff done here. I’ve been really enjoying it.

What did the dentist do to you yesterday?
(Laughs) I have a filling that fell out. Actually, I had, like, three fillings joined together- and half of that fell out. So yesterday was just about getting ready to get it all repaired in two weeks’ time… it’s going to be horrible.

What’s happening this weekend? NASS festival maybe?
Yeah- maybe I’ll go to NASS… depends on money, as ever-I have a DC trip on the 19th and I need to keep some money for that. On the last DC trip I broke my laptop first day and my Iphone on the last day so I am skint trying to get them fixed!

Dylan Hughes, wallie
Dylan Hughes, wallie © Mike Ridout

The last DCUK tour was all about DIY spots, how did it go?
Amazing- it was really good fun like. It was me, (Sam) Pulley, John Bell, Steve King and Jake Harris filming. Just skating with people at their local spots, so good- because if you just go to parks and film it can be pretty boring, you know? But those things that are made by skaters… well, they are unique.

Have you seen the edit Nick Richards has put together for this interview?
I’ve seen all the raw footage because we banged most of it out in six months here in Cardiff and then on a trip to Barca. I think we logged about seven and a half minutes of footage in total. That’s the difference that being in Cardiff made, though, where there are people out skating and a better choice of spots than the old home town. You get carried away!

Dylan Hughes, back smith
Dylan Hughes, back smith © Mike Ridout

OK Dylan, I think that is going to be us all done here- anybody you want to thank?
Yes- oh, you put me on the spot now- let’s see… well, my family first, obviously; all my friends, too. Can I thank DC, City Surf skate shop in Cardiff, Venture and Exist clothing, everyone who I’ve ever met out skating- and anyone who took the time to read this? Thanks!

Pleasure talking to you Dylan, stay in touch!
No problem mate, nice to hear from you, too.

Dylan Hughes, switch backlip
Dylan Hughes, switch backlip © Mike Ridout
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