Amsterdamn Am 2013 – The Highlights

Nassim Guammaz clinches top spot in Amsterdam on a sociable weekender.
By Eric Mirbach

Amsterdamn Am has become something of an institution. The comp might be for amateurs, but the organization is anything but. Flawlessly put- together, and coming live from one of the most exciting cities in the world, the contest has unbelievable output and draws great talents into the Dutch capital.

The Crowd
The Crowd © Mathäus Jagielski

Certainly, the online live- stream broadcasts all ongoings to the world, but it is the atmosphere which seals the deal for the folks who actually made the trip to Amsterdam. The park is a ferry- ride out of the city. Basically, you end up with a weekend of entertainment, framed by two epic boat rides a day, a festival right around the corner from the comp itself, and side- events like the Marnix bowl jam, which the police eventually shut down this year!

Sewa Kroetkov, Treflip Noseslide
Sewa Kroetkov, Treflip Noseslide © Mathäus Jagielski

Clearly, not all big European events have survived the financial crisis. Amsterdamn Am has through heart and soul. If you like this activity or this city, then you’d be a fool to miss it.

Winners © Mathäus Jagielski

Trumpets for:
1.Nassim Guammaz (Wildcard for the Tampa Am Semi-Finals)
2.Jorge Simoes (Wildcard for the Tampa Am Semi-Finals)
3.Trevor Colden

Best Trick: Youness Amrani, feeble grind to treflip out.

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