DIY Skatehouse, Lewes, UK.

Suburban Bliss.
By Niall Neeson

Not all skateboarding is urban and street. In a sleepy country village in the rolling English countryside, there lies an industrial estate. The whole place was apparently bought by a property developer who’s plans were brought to a halt by the economic crisis. Now, instead, the whole riverside complex has been taken over by a wide collective of leftfield artesans and bohemian types. A wooden carriagemaker’s workshop, music rehearsal spaces, a nightclub, environmental campaigning seminars- and a DIY skatepark.

Lewes. © Rich West

The area reminds me of the environment surrounding the Skatehalle in Berlin, but lifted wholesale and transplanted to the most picture- perfect historical English village you can imagine.

Outside. © Rich West

Skateboarding is sometimes about getting away from it all, and I can’t think of anywhere further from it all that the Lewes DIY Skatehouse.

Mitch Wheeler, tailgrab. © Rich West

Places like this only exist for windows in time, so we organised a little fundraiser session to help finance the building of the streetcourse next door.

Gloves. © Rich West
Work. © Rich West

All by skaters, all by hand. Photographer Richard West came by to capture some of the top locals giving their unique interpretation of a spot which, like all good DIY spots, takes time and skill to ride in any way convincingly.

Stevie Thompson, backside one- foot ollie. © Rich West
Vert wall. © Rich West

British skaters, find them on Facebook and treat yourself to an away day like no other.

Matt Ransom, blunt fakie. © Rich West
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