CPH Pro 2013 - Highlights

Hogs, Death Races, Rings Of Fire, Bridge Jumping and Skateboarding!
By Niall Neeson

From humble beginnings where the entrants were a largely Euro/ Brazilian field to today’s big names providing the crowd pull, CPH Pro has morphed into one of the best attended and most hazardous events going.

Mark Suciu vs Bryan Herman, Death Race © Ole Rauff

The street contest may take centre stage but there are always a raft of dangerous side- events like best trick over the birthday cake, the Levi’s barbeque/ jam, death races around the course and little bit of good natured Danish chaos at every turn.

Jocke Olsson, Method air. © Steen Kelsaa

There is a rumour doing the rounds that it may have been the last one, but based on this year’s, we really hope not!

Luan Oliveira, alley- oop frontside ollie. © Steen Kelsaa
AM comp winners! © Ole Rauff

Longtime Copenhagen scene documenter Ole Rauff oversaw this terrific wrap of the event on our behalf. Hope you like it.

David Stenstrom, front feeble. © Steen Kelsaa
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