Checkout: Kyle Walker

Oklahoma's latest up and coming ripper.
By Sam McGuire

It wasn’t but a few years back when there started to be rumblings of a younger ripper from Oklahoma City named Kyle Walker. I’m not exactly sure what it is about Oklahoma, but it’s just known for producing some of the gnarlier skaters in skateboarding. Peter Ramondetta, Don Nguyen, Clint Walker and Ernie Torres all hail from the great state. So when word started spreading about a new up and coming ripper from OKC, it comes as no surprise he’s risen the ranks to where he is now—travelling the world filming for the upcoming Vans video. Skating, travelling and killing it at life. That’s about as Oklahoma as it gets.

Kyle Walker © Trevor Vaughan

Seems like you guys have had a pretty busy travel schedule the past few months, how’s filming for the Van’s video coming along?
Yeah we've been traveling allot lately but I think it’s going pretty good, everyone’s killing it and its been super productive. Just thankful to be a part of it!

Do you know when it’s supposed to be out?
I don't know an exact date but I’d say a year or so maybe? Whenever Greg [Hunt] and Cody [Green] are satisfied, I suppose ha.

And are you going to have a full part in it?
I really hope so!

Kyle Walker, Frontside Feeble Grind © Trevor Vaughan

You share the last name as probably one of my favorite humans, Clint Walker, you guys related at all?
No we’re not but everyone thinks we are. Every now and then if someone asks if were related I'll tell them yeah just to see what they'll say haha.

Have any good Clint stories for us?
Honestly there’s too many to count! Anytime I’m with that dude sometime bazar is always going on. "DUUUUUUDE!!"

Oklahoma has had so many big names come out of it, what is it that breeds such good skaters there?
I think the answer is supposed to remain low-key, sorry about that.

Kyle Walker, Backside Lipslide © Trevor Vaughan

Also known as Tornado alley, Oklahoma is notorious for it’s large and large amounts of Tornados, including the recent one in El Reno and then the outbreak of 1999 where there were 152 Tornados in one week, have you seen or been caught in any tornados?
Yeah I was in the F5 tornado that went through Moore in 1999, craziest shit. I was young so all I really remember was being in the bath tub with my parents and we had 2 huge mattresses over us, didn't have a storm shelter so that was the best thing we could do. The tornado was only a mile away so it sounded like a freight train was going directly over our house.

Being sports, mainly football is so big in OK, you grow up playing football or did you just end up skating and sticking to that?
Well I played football for like 3 years and baseball for 7 years. but I eventually faded away from baseball and stuck with skating. I remember at one point I would be going to tournaments for baseball, and in-between games I was going to the closest skatepark to skate until the next game was ready.

Where are you living now a day and how are you liking it?
I lived in Long Beach for almost a year now and about to get another place here once my lease is up. Its so laid back, nicest weather, I know a bunch of people that live close to me and cherry park isn't far at all so that’s always a good time.

Thanks Kyle! 

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