Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 1

Flip Skateboards maraud across Europe!
By Ian Deacon

This past summer Flip Skateboards went on a trip to Europe where we toured in Germany and England. The tour covered all bases with street, demos and a contest all part of it.

Luan, Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus
Luan, Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus © Arto Saari

We all met up in Munich where Luan Oliveira had been competing and got the bronze in the Munich XGames Street League contest. From here we headed up the autobahn for the first demo in Wurzburg.

Alec Majerus, Backside Tailslide
Alec Majerus, Backside Tailslide © Arto Saari

On the trip at various stages were Tom Penny, Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus (on his first trip to both Germany and England), Ben Nordberg and Greyson Fletcher. We also hooked up with Denny Pham who helped us as a spot guide in Berlin.

Tom Penny, Tre Flip
Tom Penny, Tre Flip © Arto Saari
Tom Penny, Autograph!
Tom Penny, Autograph! © Arto Saari

The plan was to do two demos in Germany, go to the Red Bull “Bomb the Line” contest, one demo in England as much street skating as possible.
This all sounds great in theory but as anyone who has lived or visited Europe in the summer the weather can play havoc with the best laid plans.

Product Toss
Product Toss © Arto Saari

Luckily this year it was one of the best that anyone can remember and apart from some rain in Berlin at the Red Bull “Bomb The Line” contest the sun remained our friend and constant companion for eight days.
Hope you enjoy the six episodes of our trip…

Demo Fan
Demo Fan © Arto Saari
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