Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 2

Destroying Jena and Munich.
By Ian Deacon

After a good night’s rest for some, but not for those who went to the boat party on the river by the hotel, we headed off to Jena which was formerly in the old East Germany.

Arto by Arto
Arto by Arto © Arto Saari

Arto Saari had been here before with Thomas Gentsch along with Ali Boulala and Shane Cross before their tragic accident so there were some good memories to talk about from those days. It seemed that quite a few of the locals were still around as they came up to Arto and talked to him about the good memories they had from the demo back then.

Last Time
Last Time © Arto Saari

We were a man down on this demo as Ben Nordberg had hurt himself at the Wurzburg demo and was unable to ride. This was more than frustrating for him as the park had one of the better looking mini ramps that you are likely to find these days and we all know that Ben can destroy a mini ramp.

Ben Nordberg and Louie Lopez
Ben Nordberg and Louie Lopez © Arto Saari
Louie Lopez, Backside Air
Louie Lopez, Backside Air © Arto Saari

Rather than a demo as such, the mini ramp was an open session with the locals mixing it up with Arto, Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus and crowd favourite Tom Penny.

Weight of the world
Weight of the world © Arto Saari
Tom Penny, Crooked Grind 270 Out
Tom Penny, Crooked Grind 270 Out © Arto Saari

After the heated mini ramp session died down Alec, Louie and demo- ender Arto casually cruised around the street course.
Once the demo was over there was a classic product toss and we were out of there to the outskirts of Munich to check out a street spot that no one had been to before.

Catch! © Arto Saari
Luan Oliveira, Kickflip
Luan Oliveira, Kickflip © Arto Saari

Alec Majerus got things rolling straight away and that got everyone else even more hyped to leave their own mark on the spot.

Alec Majerus, Backside Flip
Alec Majerus, Backside Flip © Arto Saari

What to expect in Episode Three…? Berlin!

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