Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 3

Berlin - Skating the new global capital.
By Ian Deacon

Everyone who had been to Berlin before was more than happy to be back again. This was Alec Majerus’ first time, however- so he got to do a quick bit of sightseeing here and there as well.

Alec Majerus, Tre Flip
Alec Majerus, Tre Flip © Arto Saari

Berlin’s reputation as Northern Europe’s “Barcelona” as far as skate spots go is well justified, as even though we have been multiple times there are always spots we have not ridden before. This time among the fresh terrain was a rail in a large housing estate not a million miles away from the famous “Berlin benches”.

Alec Majerus, Frontside Feeble.
Alec Majerus, Frontside Feeble. © Arto Saari

This spot was handled by Alec Majerus once photographers Arto Saari and Thomas Gentsch had a comedic discussion as to which rail (there were two identical ones) would be best for the photos.

Thomas Gentsch
Thomas Gentsch © Arto Saari

After the first virgin spot we headed to the benches where Louie and Arto both got some lines filmed while Alec took a well- deserved rest.

Born bad
Born bad © Arto Saari

Heading towards the famous Polish War Memorial we went to another fresh spot (to us) which looked like an old ‘70’s skatepark- although clearly built later than that.

Tom Penny, Kickflip Shifty
Tom Penny, Kickflip Shifty © Arto Saari

Tom took care of business here before his “wild ride” at the Polish War Memorial which kicks off this episode. Alec, Louie and Denny Pham all got something for the assembled media.

Tom Penny, Frontside Flip.
Tom Penny, Frontside Flip. © Arto Saari

Last stop of the day was another undiscovered space- by us, at least- which was the Russian War Memorial. Well worth a visit- even if don’t plan on skating the ledges or stairs- for its twin, imposing statues.

Alec Majerus, Hardflip
Alec Majerus, Hardflip © Arto Saari
Knucks © Arto Saari

This spot, though, was an ongoing cat- and- mouse game with the police which ended with us inevitably getting kicked out!
Join us for more rad happenings in Episode Four.

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