Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 4

Flip close out Bomb The Line in Berlin before hitting London for a demo at Bay 66.
By Ian Deacon

So aside from being skateboarding’s scene capital right now, Berlin is also host to the biggest skateboarding tradeshow in Europe, which more importantly also features Bomb The Line, a pretty intense event based around linking a run together downhill at the famous Kulturforum spot.

Louie Lopez, Backside Nosegrind
Louie Lopez, Backside Nosegrind © Arto Saari
Alec Majerus, Front Feeble
Alec Majerus, Front Feeble © Arto Saari

Alex Majerus crowned his first experience here with a deserved first place, and before we knew it we were on an orange airplane to England, spiritual birthplace of Flip Skateboards, for a demo at the recently renovated Bay 66 skatepark in West London.

The demo was rammed as London basked in one of the best summers in living memory- as you will be able to see in next week’s episode!

Greyson Fletcher, Frontside Ollie
Greyson Fletcher, Frontside Ollie © Arto Saari

Meanwhile Gardens just round the corner from Bay 66 is a London institution where you can see up to four generations of skaters at the same time, and where Sir Paul Mc Cartney of The Beatles sometimes comes by to check out the action.

Tottenham overview
Tottenham Overview © Arto Saari

After a few licks here, we were off to The Spot, a DIY concrete BMX park in Tottenham built by one of the OG skaters from Northern Ireland.

Greyson Flatcher, Crailslide
Greyson Fletcher, Crailslide © Arto Saari

Given that it was designed for rubber not urethane, this place is hard to ride and very unforgiving - only a very few skaters can get a handle on it.

Greyson, Tottenham
Greyson, Tottenham © Arto Saari

Greyson Fletcher and Louie Lopez both managed to come to terms with the beast during the last rays of the dying sun before we packed up our video and camera gear, and headed off down that long road again.

Stop by next week for Episode 5 of our endless summer.

Louie Lopez, Channel Kickflip
Louie Lopez, Channel Kickflip © Arto Saari
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