Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 5

London Calling - Flip Skateboards destroy Bay 66 Skatepark during their annual skate-demo.
By Ian Deacon

And so to the now- famous London demo: we were hoping to do a demo at Bay 66 last year, but at the time it was being redeveloped to we went to Hemel Hempstead instead.

Crew © Arto Saari
Justin 'Pasty' Ashby and Sidewalk's Andy Horsley
Justin 'Pasty' Ashby and Sidewalk's Andy Horsley © Arto Saari

This year though there were no such issues as the park rebuild had been completed awhile ago.

Rascals © Arto Saari

The demo crowd was enthusiastic and got to see a shocking demonstration of consistency from Alec Majerus.

Greyson Fletcher, Frontside One- Footer
Greyson Fletcher, Frontside One- Footer © Arto Saari

His heel was still hurt from the Red Bull ”Bomb the Line” contest in Berlin and we had been out earlier in the day to get him some pain relief for it.

Louie Lopez, Frontside Flip. Bay66
Louie Lopez, Frontside Flip. Bay66 © Arto Saari

It must have worked because I can really only remember him falling off 3 things in 20 minutes or so and the third was a ‘straight to the already damaged heel’ demo- ender for him.

Alec Majerus, Testing
Alec Majerus, Testing © Arto Saari

Before that though he had made a whole slew of NBD’s on the rail at the park, first try. I don’t think the watching crowd could really comprehend what was going on as they are more used to seeing demos where it at least takes a few tries to make something which builds up the suspense.

small talk
Small Talk. © Arto Saari

All told, Alec, Louie, Greyson, Arto and short- notice draftee Charlie Birch put down what can comfortably be claimed as the heaviest session the newly- refurbed Bay 66 has seen.

Alec Majerus, Nosegrind
Alec Majerus, Nosegrind. © Arto Saari

Click the video to judge for yourself, and we will see you next week for the grand finale of our sunshine odyssey.

alec and ryan gray
Alec and Ryan Gray, High Fives © Arto Saari
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