Diego Bucchieri Interview

Argentina’s skateboarding legend from La Boca.
By Gaston Francisco

Diego is one of the strongest names in the skateboarding scene of Latin America. He was one of the first to succeed in the US and that made him an example to follow in the region. His powerful skating has made him own some of the gnarliest tricks from the recent skate history. After many years living in different countries, Diego has finally come back home.

Diego Bucchieri
Diego Bucchieri © Ignacio Morresi

Hi Diego- how and when did you start skateboarding?
It`s been 26 years now- it happened through my brother, who had a plastic skateboard. Then, at age 10 I was given my first skateboard, as a present.

How was the ambience in those days?
There were very few people that skated and it was all very... underground. Foreign companies- we only had Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz, and some national brands. There were no skateparks, and you had to skate whatever you could.

I heard that you used to shape your own boards and wheels, how did you do that?
Yes, it was so hard to get boards and they were so expensive, so I recycled wider boards and adapted them to the size I rode. I would cut them with a saw and would finish them with a rasp. The wheels we would lathe down smaller using a potter´s wheel in a car workshop.

What does it feel to go back to your country after having succeeded in foreign lands?
As I never stopped coming back, I didn’t notice the difference. The fact that I moved to another country never changed the way I saw skateboarding, and the way I enjoy it with my friends.

Diego Bucchieri, Frontside 50-50
Diego Bucchieri, Frontside 50-50 © Ignacio Morresi

How was the adaptation when you came back?
In the beginning was a bit hard due to the fact that when I came back my sponsors had stopped paying me and I had to hustle a bit. But Argentina gives you more options to find a way to make a living.

Which trick that you have made has marked your life?
Most people would say the backside 180 down Wallenberg 4 because it was the trick that helped me get sponsored in the USA, but at the time I did it without thinking about these things. Truth is, I don’t have just one- but the ollie in Japan down the 20 stairs felt real good.

Are you only a skater today or do you have another profession?
Besides being a professional skater I`m also the Team Manager for Nike Soco (Argentina, Chile and Uruguay), and I also shoot photos.

What made you move to the USA? Was it a hard process?
When I first went to the USA, it was for holidays, to get to know the place- without speaking English or knowing where the spots were. Things happened so fast that three months later I was already living in the US with my dream sponsors. In the beginning it was hard due to the language barrier, but skating was stronger than all that.

Diego Bucchieri, Backside Flip
Diego Bucchieri, Backside Flip © Ignacio Morresi

How do you see the new generations of skaters compared to their predecessors?
They learn everything much faster, but they also want everything now!

Who is coming up hard?
Martín Isoldi, Eze Martinez, Agustin Paschetta.

What would you like the future to look like for Diego Bucchieri?
I would like to stay healthy to be able to skate for a long time and work in this field that we like so much.

Any piece of advice for the young bucks that may want to follow your track?
Be patient that everything comes in time. Don’t despair and respect the ones who have been doing this for a long time.

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