Checkout: Robbie Brockel

Real big skateboarding out in the Arizona desert.
By Mike Munzenrider

By his own estimate, Arizona’s Robbie Brockel might be 6ft 2in tall, and he skates big; in fact he skates so big so well, you might not even notice he’s doing it, so pay close attention to how Brockel skates. Whether it’s watching his most recent part, in Jackson Casey’s Worship Friendship, or his upcoming parts in Josh Metzger’s Sloppy Seconds or the yet-to-be-named Real Skateboards release, notice how far that grind was and how tall that barrier was and how crushed that flip trick was and realize, yes, he skates big.

Robbie Brockel, Frontside Noseblunt
Robbie Brockel, Frontside Noseblunt © Sam McGuire

What are you up to today, you said you were doing some airport business?
Yeah, I was just headed to San Francisco to skate this week and go to that Skater of the Year party for Ishod [Wair].

You pretty stoked for that dude?
Oh definitely, he deserves every bit of that, he’s a skate rat and that’s all that he’s about.

Are you still living in Phoenix then?
Yeah, I live in downtown Phoenix with some of my friends that I went to school with.

Robbie Brockel, Backside 50-50
Robbie Brockel, Backside 50-50 © Sam McGuire

I saw in an old interview that you did a bit back that you wanted to move to San Francisco; why’s it so hard to leave Phoenix?
It’s hard to leave here just because of friends and there’s so many places to skate, and the weather – you can skate year round. Then, just financially too, it’s so cheap to live here, you know? My friends have a four-bedroom house and the rent is $1,000 a month, for a house, as opposed to $1,000 a month for a studio in San Francisco.

One of your team-mates on Real told me you’re one of the most semi-normal people to come out of AZ. How does that make you feel?
[Laughs] That makes me feel good, just because I know a lot of people from Arizona get a bad rap for being weird, for being out there. People always bring up John Motta being weird, and you have people like Chris Milic that are all crazy too. I guess I could take that as a compliment.

Robbie Brockel, 50-50
Robbie Brockel, 50-50 © Sam McGuire

Real is working on a video project right now, where are you on that?
Right now I’m wrapping it up. When I’m out in SF we’re going to go through the footage and hopefully it’ll be coming out soon.

Your older brother is a pro football player for the Carolina Panthers; did you ever play football when you were coming up?
I didn’t ever play football, I played travel hockey for a big majority of my life when I was younger. Every time I was travelling for hockey I would bring my board and I was skating the whole time in these different states or wherever, then I just realized I liked skating more.

Is your family athletic in general?
My dad is 6ft 5in and played basketball his whole life and always strived for us to play sports when we were younger.

You think you could beat your brother at arm wrestling?
Oh, there’s no way.

Any skater out there who might be able to pull it off?
Huh, let me think on that one. I would say James Hardy might put up a good fight, or that dude John Fitzgerald, too.

Robbie Brockel
Robbie Brockel © Sam McGuire
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