Sweet Skateboards experience Bulgaria

Scandinavian sensations rock Europe’s secret skate paradise.
By Bjorn Holmenas

Myself, Anton Myhrvold, Nisse Ingemarsson, Daniel Spangs and Gustav Tonnesen had been invited to come and enjoy Bulgaria from the inside, and discover some of the best unseen spots in skateboarding today. Sofia, we knew, would be immense, but we had a plan to see other cities too – Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Varna to name a few. And so we would find ourselves sitting at the airport in Barcelona, where the rain won´t stop pouring down. Our flight was delayed, and I began thinking to myself that we might never get to Bulgaria. Eventually, we got to board and landed safely in Sofia, from where our guide Sando took us to his house in the mountains outside of town.

Varna Cathedral
Varna Cathedral © Rich West

We arrived at this super cool house where Sando lives; he fed us beers, cooked us some delicious food and introduced us to photographer Richard West and local ripper Yavor Stoyanov.

We woke up to the most beautiful view, a garden filled with fruit and a blazing sun.

The only thing missing was the planned bowl for the garden, and we would have just stayed there for the week. Sando gave us two options: hit the road, and travel all of Bulgaria, or focus on Sofia. The choice was easy – let’s hit the road!

Anton Myhrvold Switch Heel
Anton Myhrvold – Switch Heel © Rich West

After a first day warming up at the NKD Plaza in Sofia, which easily measures up to places like MACBA, Stalin Square or any other of the world’s top plazas, we travelled onwards to some of the weirdest cities we have ever seen, and where we skated some of the most perfect marble plazas imaginable.

We saw more marble, granite, warrior statues and block stairs in a week than ever before in our lives. Every city has at least one amazing plaza and no one seems to care if you skate them.

Gustav Tonnesen Front board
Gustav Tønnesen – Front Board © Rich West

Other than the fact that the roads are pretty dangerous, everything about the trip came out perfect. It didn’t rain all week, we ate good food which was super cheap, and drank local beers and wine which were even cheaper. We got to go partying and realised that even if from the outside Bulgaria sometimes looks as if it is still left in the 80s, the people and clubs are nice and the parties are just as elsewhere in Europe.

All in all it was an amazing week and we highly recommend it as a new skate destination.

Take a low-cost flight for a week’s stay and skate amazing spots for less money than you would spend in two days in European cities like Berlin or Barcelona.

Thanks to Sando, Yavor, Richard and all the locals. We hope to be back soon.

Nisse Ingmarsson, Varial Heel
Nisse Ingmarsson – Varial Heel © Rich West
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