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Skatepunks are great and all, but it’s still nice to be nice.
By Gaston Francisco

Christian is one of Argentina’s best skaters. A young buck who doesn’t like to draw attention to himself and with a big physique that can handle gaps as comfortably as all those tech, switch tricks. He’s a hard-working and humble Buenos Aires native who takes pleasure from the simple things in life. Christian is a good example to youngsters both on and off his board – that may not be ‘cool’ but it’s a fact.

Christian Bica
Christian Bica © Diego Bucchieri

Hi Christian, are you on the coast? How is summer in the southern hemisphere?
Hi, right now I`m here in the beautiful heat of Buenos Aires. I like being here at this time of year because the city is a bit deserted since a big part of the population is elsewhere on holiday or working, and we can skate the streets with more tranquility.

I like skating without discriminating about spots.

In the past few years you’ve been travelling quite a bit on skate tours. What is your perception of the scene in Argentina right now?
Here in Argentina, skateboarding has grown inmensely. There are a lot of new, impressive, skate parks which are like seedbeds from where a lot of great skaters emerge. In any province you visit, you’ll find a lot of skateboarding going on. It´s easy to see a lot of new crews being generated who produce videos, magazines, open shops, create new brands... All of this pushes the growth of our beautiful thing.

Christian Bica, Frontside Boardslide
Christian Bica, Frontside Boardslide © Diego Bucchieri

Not long ago you spent some time in Barcelona. How was skating there versus Buenos Aires?
In 2012, we went on tour to Barcelona with Nike SB Argentina & Chile – it was a dream come true. The smooth streets and pavements where you can push forever really struck me, as well as the plazas and the weird structures which are so excellent for skating – loads of spots in a very small radius. In Argentina there are also good spots to skate, I like skating without discriminating about spots. But you realize as soon as you are there that the perfection of the spots in Barcelona makes a very big difference. I mean, here there are spots to skate – if you look, you find them – but there are not as many as in Barça.

I found myself free on a rooftop, doing something that I liked.

You worked in the building trade for some time. Did you like it? Would you do it again?
A few years ago I met a guy who became part of my family. It all started with a simple favour, I didn’t have a clue what the job was about, but soon I found myself free on a rooftop doing something that I liked, without a boss or timetable. Fer, as we all call him, taught me the profession. We specialised in structural roof work, tiling repair and everything in between. The job also taught me to appreciate everything that I have and to this day I always find some time if I can help with some work, not for the money, but because I like it and it makes me feel good.

Christian Bica, Backside Tailslide
Christian Bica, Backside Tailslide © Diego Bucchieri

How far would you like to go within skateboarding?
I’m very happy to be where I’m at and to know the people I know, I’m really happy with all of that. More than ‘Where I would like to get?’, I would like skateboarding to keep growing as it has been doing. I’m very thankful, everything nice that happened in my life I owe to my mother.
She was the one who took me to Parque Rivadavia for the first time and there I fell in love with skating. She gave me my first skateboard, and she has always encouraged me to keep going forward. I can’t ask for anything more.

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