Argentina with Madars Apse and friends

Fiesta, siesta, skating and steak sandwiches with the mayor.
By Madars Apse

There were five of us: me, Josef Skott, Wes Kremer, Edu Munoz the filmmaker and Gaston Francisco the photographer visiting our very good friend and team-mate Bruno Aballay, who is a local in Cordoba, Argentina.

Bruno’s family is quite integrated within the Cordoba community, fortunately having a very healthy relationship with the mayor, so, we all got invited to a skate park opening to do a small demo and judge a local contest – a perfect reason to go to South America for the first time ever, at least for Josef and me.

Bruno Aballay, Crooked
Bruno Aballay, Crooked © Gastón Francisco

The skate scene in Argentina is quite well established with three different skateboard magazines and internationally-regarded skaters like Diego Bucchieri and Milton Martinez blowing people away with their speed and gnarly shredding.

Our trip was to be 10 days long, and what a trip it was! We all agreed, there had been no previous trip where we had been spoiled so much.

We were flown out there, we were fed and accommodated like kings. We visited the nightclub almost every night, and had free drinks together in the VIP zone with some famous DJs. And all of this because of Bruno and his family, who own two of the best nightclubs/restaurants in town.

Josef Skott, Frontside Ollie
Josef Skott, Frontside Ollie © Gastón Francisco

Josef, Wes and Edu had tons of fun socialising (me not so much! – I mean they woke me up three separate times after they had come home from a party at 7am). It was pretty funny to suddenly hear Josef speaking Spanish for the first time ever – and in full-blown sentences.

So here’s to Argentina, then: country of Dulce de Leche and matte tea (a great combo, for those who don’t know), the country of football and great parties and where the locals are great practitioners of the siesta (right after eating the best steak sandwich you can imagine).

Darío Matarollo, Feeble
Darío Matarollo, Feeble © Gastón Francisco

We were so lucky that we had a chance to try the famous steak sandwich out at the mayor’s house, good quality meat, and even better quality people – thank you guys for such a rad tour. Until the next time Argentina! Hasta Pronto!

Madars Apse
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