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Coming through hard and fast on raw skateboarding talent alone.
By Gastón Francisco

Thaynan Costa is a global resident. Sign of our times, he was born in one continent, lived in another one and travelled through more countries than he had ever even dreamed of. His experiences have moulded him into a complete person, with a gigantic heart and a constant smile. His skateboarding is a reflection of all this and a pleasure to our eyes.

Thaynan Costa
Thaynan Costa © Gastón Francisco

Hi Thaynan, how are you? Where do we find you today?
Hi, I'm well, thanks, just got home, chilling on the sofa right now (laughs).

Your life seems to have changed a lot in the last two years. Can you describe some of those changes?
Yes, my life has changed a lot and I'm very happy with the changes; my dream has always been to live from skateboarding and it is exactly what I have been doing for the past two years. I got to know a lot of countries, been on many tours and, the best of it all, I have learned many new things and all of this thanks to my sponsors and friends and family. Thanks to all of you.

We know you have been working pretty hard for your part for The Berrics. How long has it taken you to film it? Has it been a slog?
I have been filming a lot, it took me about a year to film it. It is always hard to film a part, but when you finish it and realize that you have done everything or almost everything you wanted to do, it makes you feel good. And on top of it all I filmed it with my buddy Dani Millan, my brother.

Thaynan Costa, Backside 50-50
Thaynan Costa, Backside 50-50 © Gastón Francisco

You have lived a part of your life in Brazil and another in Portugal. Which are the biggest differences in your eyes between Europe and Latin America?
Well, I was born and raised in Brazil - it is a good country and the people there are very sociable and united, but there is a bad part, which is... criminality. Portugal is a very good country to live in, it's relaxed, there is not that much danger, the skate spots are better but people are a bit colder and that is the only bad thing for me. Like any other country there is a good part and a bad part, it's normal.

You have a very good relationship with Felipe Gustavo, do you go back a long way?
Yes, I´ve known Felipe for a long time - since I was ten or eleven. I was starting to skate and Felipe had already been skating for a while. I have always had a strong friendship with him, his brothers and his family. Whenever he came to Sao Paulo we would skate together and on some occasions I went to Brasilia and stayed with him for about a week. He is a good friend and I`m very happy for everything that is happening to him right now. He deserves it.

Thaynan Costa, Frontside Smithgrind
Thaynan Costa, Frontside Smithgrind © Gastón Francisco

If you could choose how to live your next two years, how would you like them to be?
Wow, that is a good question. Well, I think that they would be the same way I am now, skating, filming, visiting more countries and enjoying life with my friends and family.

Thaynan Costa
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