In Photos: Summer X Games 2014

Austin hosted the world’s top pros in a heated contest for this year’s X Games gold medal.

Man was it hot at this summer’s X Games 14 in Austin, Texas. With highs hovering around the upper 90s, not only was the heated competition taking its toll on the skaters, so was the weather. That didn’t stop an exciting competition from happening, however.

Ryan Sheckler qualified in first place and went straight to the finals, where he had quite a heavy list of guys to hold his top spot against. Alec Majerus came out swinging in Run 1 with an amazing line and took over the top spot, but in Run 2, Nyjah Huston laid down a near-perfect line with a dominating score of 94.0 to take the Summer X Games 2014 gold medal.

1. Nyjah Huston
2. Luan Oliveira
3. Alec Majerus
4. Ryan Sheckler
5. Chaz Ortiz
6. Torey Pudwill