Jart in Deepest Brazil – watch the first episode

Alex Braza explains how Jart Skateboards riders embarked on a mission to explore deep inside Brazil.
By Alex Braza

The idea behind our trip came from Mario, the Brazilian distributor of Jart Skateboards. He wanted to get to know us and for us to go to Brazil to have a skate or two with the local Jart flow riders. This made total sense to me, so I started pulling strings to try and make it happen. At that time, our team was immersed in filming our latest video The AM Project, so we decided to leave straight from our official premiere in Barcelona.

Jart Team
Jart Team © Alex Braza

The squad consisted of Ivan Rivado, Sergio Muñoz, Adrien Bulard, Fran Molina and Jorge Simoes. You may wonder why Mark Frolich isn't in there – well, unfortunately Mark had already bought his ticket, but couldn’t make it due to medical reasons. This meant we had an empty spot. Roger Silva had visa problems, but two days before the tour he figured out a way to avoid the police and their visa policy, and so he made it onto the tour.

Fran Molina, Flip Backside Nosegrind
Fran Molina, Flip Backside Nosegrind © Alex Braza

If you are wondering why we called this tour Jart in Deepest Brazil, well, it's quite a simple story. We arrived in the gigantic city of São Paulo where we stayed for four nights. São Paulo is a struggle since it has an incredible number of inhabitants; this makes transportation very slow, which means hours between one spot and the next. After those four days in São Paulo we decided hit the ejector seat and go deep into authentic Brazil – but that is a story for the second episode coming straight to you on this channel next week.

Enjoy episode 1 now in the player at the top of this story!

Roger Silva, Switch Heelflip
Roger Silva, Switch Heelflip © Alex Braza
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