See Jart in deepest Brazil, ripping every handrail

Watch episode 2 as the Jart team explore Brazil’s backcountry, ripping every spot in their path.
By Alex Braza

Leaving behind the intensity of city life which was the basis of Episode 1, we found ourselves lodging in a magnificent lakeside cabin in the middle of nowhere, courtesy of Rodrigo, from Nineclouds Distribution. The surroundings were perfect for recuperating after long days of non-stop skating.

Brazil has plenty of stereotypes: it's dangerous, has good-looking girls, and has harsh skatespots. Well, the truth is that we were happily surprised to have no problems; no one got robbed, and there were no bad vibes. However, the spots in Brazil really are hard work: short run-ups and bad surfaces. The locals treated us as if we were members of their crew, which is a nice feeling to have when you are far from home.

Fran Molina and Sergio Muñoz injured themselves in the first couple of days of the tour so they could only skate one day; without a doubt the MVP of the tour was the incomparable Adrien Bulard. He never had a trick nor a spot in mind, he just picked up his skateboard and ripped every spot that crossed his path, be it a bank, a pyramid or an 18-stair handrail. When you are gifted, you are just gifted. You can see more of his gift in the new Jart video, The Am Project.

This was a trip full of everything: smiles, rain, lots of miles in the van, sprains and gangsters. As you can see from the edit, it was also about tricks, lots of skating and, above all, good times!

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