Away from the Equator – the best Singapore shots

The epic skate journey’s first stop in Singapore, photographed by Florian Hopfensperger.
By Eric Mirbach

Fleeing the heat and humidity of the equatorial zone, professional skateboarders TJ Rogers, Ryan Decenzo, Madars Apse and Barney Page meet local ripper Farris Rahman in his hometown of Singapore in order to take him on a journey through Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Chiang May – Away from the Equator!

You've seen the first episode from a city made for skateboarding – Singapore holds marble ledges as far as the eye can see – and here's photographic proof of the crew's adventures on the first stop of their exotic skateboarding journey, shot by German lensman Florian Hopfensperger.




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Barney Page, Frontside Smithgrind
Barney Page performs a Frontside Smithgrind in Singapore during filming for Away From the Equator.
Barney Page, Frontside Smithgrind It seems like this spot was built for Barney – he couldn't resist going to shred it before the crew went to dinner. Yes, just like that. © Florian Hopfensperger
Barney Page
Barney Page in Singapore filming Away From the Equator.
Barney Page You can tell that Barney has a pretty laid back approach to travelling – especially when tricks come fast and the next culture clash is right around the corner. Barney smiles it all away. © Florian Hopfensperger
Farris Rahman, Ollie
Farris Rahman performs an Ollie whilst filming Away from the Equator in Singapore
Farris Rahman, Ollie On this trip, tricks went down so fast that the photographer didn't have the time to set up a flash. If the skaters are motivated, why let them wait? Singapore's finest Farris Rahman ollied this 8-flat-5 with ease. © Florian Hopfensperger
Farris Rahman
Farris Rahman
Farris Rahman Visualizing the execution of a trick before delivering a banging line – while the others sweat through their third shirt, Farris keeps his cool and does it. A real local. © Florian Hopfensperger
Madars Apse, TJ Rogers
Madars Apse and TJ Rogers relax during filming of Away From the Equator skate film.
Madars Apse, TJ Rogers While Barney was still struggling with a heavy bump-to-rail, Madars and TJ took care of the entertainment side of things. Seems like guitars are the number one tour accessory these days. © Florian Hopfensperger
Marina Bay, Downtown Singapore
The Away from the Equator skate film crew relax at the Marina Bay, Downtown in Singapore
Marina Bay, Downtown Singapore Thanks to TJ Rogers, the crew ended up relaxing in the world's most awesome hotel pool. Things could be worse. © Florian Hopfensperger
Ryan Decenzo, Feeblegrind
Skater Ryan Decenzo performs Feeblegrind during filming of Away from the Equator in Singapore.
Ryan Decenzo, Feeblegrind Ryan had found quite a few Singapore spots on his own – some of them nobody had ever skated before. © Florian Hopfensperger
Ryan Decenzo, Frontside Boardslide
Ryan Decenzo, Frontside Boardslide during filming of Away from the Equator in Singapore.
Ryan Decenzo, Frontside Boardslide Another find: this 16-stair handrail in the suburbs of Singapore could be in California from the looks of it. Home-from-home for Ryan Decenzo and this massive frontboard. © Florian Hopfensperger
Ryan, Decenzo, Kickflip 50-50
Ryan Decenzo lands a Kickflip 50-50 in Singapore filiming for Away rom the Equator skate film.
Ryan, Decenzo, Kickflip 50-50 The gang spent their first day in Singapore cruising through the city, looking for spots. Downtown Singapore is packed with marble and perfect handrails – you just push from one spot to the next and if you're Ryan Decenzo, you mix in a lofty kickflip 50-50 just for a laugh. © Florian Hopfensperger
TJ Rogers, Boardslide to fakie
Skater TJ Rogers performs a Boardslide to fakie during filming of Away from the Equator in Singapore.
TJ Rogers, Boardslide to fakie You can't help but be hyped with great-looking spots like this one. TJ Rogers smiles all the way from boardslide to drop to fakie. © Florian Hopfensperger
TJ Rogers, Nollie Heelflip
TJ Rogers, Nollie Heelflip during Away from the Equator filming in Singapore.
TJ Rogers, Nollie Heelflip One of those days when everything works out: the perfect rail on a perfect spot with the most perfect Nollie Heel – thank you, TJ! © Florian Hopfensperger
Tj Rogers
Tj Rogers during filming of Away from the Equator skate film in Singapore.
Tj Rogers TJ Rogers is ready to pull a Red Dragon on you – all day, every day. © Florian Hopfensperger
TJ Rogers, Switch Ollie
TJ Rogers, Switch Ollie in Singapore filming for Away from the Equator film
TJ Rogers, Switch Ollie No van, just skating through the streets, getting tricks – a dream come true. One steezy switch ollie later, these very photogenic Singapore barriers knew what's up. © Florian Hopfensperger
Treegarden, Marina Bay, Singapore
The Treegarden at Marina Bay, Singapore
Treegarden, Marina Bay, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Haien Loong built the 'Gardens by the Bay' in 2011 in order to improve the quality of life for the people of Singapore: glow-in-the-dark trees included. Be warned, though – no smoking or chewing gum in the gardens! © Florian Hopfensperger