Dune Mission: A desert skate session

Skate the desert? Yes, you can!
By Loic Benoit

"We did it!" Yes, we skated the desert: a real one, complete with dunes, camels, and billions of grains of sand. Our intrepid skate team consisted of Sam Partaix, Joseph Biais, Phil Zwijsen and Charles Collet as our ‘guest guitarist’.

Last February we all met up in Merzouga, southern Morocco, with Vincent Guillermain (the screwdriver king), my dad, and two of his sidekicks, with their big truck, who acted as guides and chief operators.

Their mission was to take us to the middle of nowhere with our nine sheets of ply and two rails; I'll spare you the creaky organisational details and my health problems – suffice to say we managed to pull it off and experienced a session which will live in our memories forever.
What a blast! Especially after carrying our 25 square metres of flooring around at 8.30am under a blazing sun with no real clue what to do.

In what turned out to be a great moment of improvisation, we managed to set up four spots within one day thanks to our great team and shared vision of skateboarding in unusual locations.

Our bearings, however, were not happy.

At this juncture, it would be only polite to thank Red Bull, Vans, Vinz ‘El Tittoo’, my dad, Franck Baudy, Yvon Dargent, Ali Tamara and my champs for their unwavering motivation. See you next time on the ice floe!

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